Mark Pavlacka

Executive Vice President of Operations

Mark Pavlacka

Mark Pavlacka is the Executive Vice President of Operations of REMEDI8®.

He is a highly skilled leader who can seamlessly guide multiple types of operations concurrently in a high-volume, fast-paced environment while delivering the best results. His no nonsense approach to quality ensures that every client is happy with the work his team does for them, no matter how large or small the task. Mark shows precision in everything he does and expects the same from his team.

Mark has a vast skillset spanning over 25 years and experience working within healthcare facilities, managing multidisciplinary departments, and driving operational improvements. His success is derived from his ability to achieve results, mentor, and develop strong leaders in the field from within the business. Mark understands the needs of a client and the operations and leads the operations teams to achieve optimal performance.

Mark holds many certifications, including IFIDIA, 3M Firestop, STI Fit Level 1, STI Fit Level 2 and Hilti Life Safety. He leads all the REMEDI8 service lines: doors, dampers and firestopping. This includes fire door inspections, repairs, maintenance, door relabeling, damper inspections and repairs, firestop surveys and remediation.