Mock Survey


Mock Survey

Mock surveys provide a comprehensive review of regulatory items which typically fall through the cracks. During a mock survey, we actively engage with your entire team, from environmental staff to caregivers and even your executives to promote readiness.

Providing practical guidance on how current efforts will meet all accreditation standards including CMS:

Mock Survey


Mock surveys performed at the health system level provide additional insights and robust data analytics including:

Patient Safety


Quality Improvement




Infection Prevention & Control


Continuous Survey Readiness


Environment of Care


Our Experts will record their mock survey findings electronically, giving them the ability to generate custom reports in a variety of formats. After the mock survey has been completed, you will receive an in-depth review with actionable steps to help you prepare for your upcoming survey through three reports:

Action Plan:

A comprehensive report that identifies focus areas to guide next steps. The action plan is findings-specific related to regulatory compliance. For example, if the organization does not do time outs for invasive procedures, then the action plan would be around developing and implementing a compliant time out process.

Executive Summary:

An overview of the key strengths and challenges that can be shared with leadership.

Complete Safer Matrix:

Complete Safer Matrix is provided to the organization that presents each of the standards / Elements of Performance (EP) as they relate to their impact on patient safety. Strategies for compliance are discussed at the time of the mock survey.