Ceiling Tile and Grid Replacement


Ceiling Tile & Grid Replacement

Ceiling tile and ceiling tile grid replacement is most commonly performed within buildings for patient or customer satisfaction and facility aesthetics. This is especially important within the healthcare industry as hospital patients tend to spend a significant time laying on their back during their hospital stay. If a patient has to stare at unappealing ceilings with stains, chips, or cracks, it can greatly affect their overall satisfaction with their stay. Aesthetics aside, ceiling tiles within a healthcare setting can affect how well a patient sleeps and recovers, the room's acoustics and lighting, and most importantly, the way a hospital protects its patients from airborne infections.

Facility owners or managers outside of the healthcare industry may see a water stain on a ceiling tile and have little concern about the tile beyond ensuring no above-ceiling water leaks are going unnoticed. Within a hospital, however, a water-stained ceiling tile means an increased risk for mold growth, which can increase a variety of risks for immunocompromised patients if the mold spores are inhaled.

We are always careful and considerate of every facility we work in, when we take on a ceiling tile and grid replacement project within a healthcare setting we know how critical it is that we adhere to ceiling tile access protocols and infection control policies to protect your patients and facility from dust, debris, and airborne contaminants. We take care to ensure infection control measures are in place throughout the entire project, as well as, look to identify code deficiencies in the above ceiling space while it is open and coordinate repairs of any found issues with the facility and trade staff.

Note: Service is only available in select areas of the country. Please contact your Account Executive to learn more.

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