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Life Safety Plan - Print Update

Life safety plans are the critical reference tool used by the life safety code surveyor to identify life safety features and determine whether the built condition are in compliance. REMEDI8® provides an experienced consultant who has regulatory and accreditation expertise, adept survey readiness skills, deep healthcare experience, and the ability to help organizations make self-directed, continuous progress towards their goals long after the engagement is completed.
Life Safety Plan Prints



Conduct complete facility tour


Verify Life Safety Plans align with NFPA 101-2012 codes


Update/Create Life Safety Plans


Identify deficiencies on Life Safety Plans if requested

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Life Safety Print update


Life Safety Plans

Three Life Safety Plan sets will be delivered. Life Safety Plans will identify on a zone by zone basis the occupancy use, construction type, original construction and renovation dates, and extent of automatic sprinklers and detection coverage provided (e.g. fully sprinklered, partially sprinklered, corridor smoke detection, no smoke detection, etc.). These drawings will also show the fire and smoke resistive ratings and locations of the following walls and enclosures as required to maintain compliance with NFPA 101-2012. These drawings will also provide the structural features of fire protection documentation required by accreditation standards.

  • Life Safety Plans are produced using AutoCAD and utilize a combination of symbols, color shading, and line types which can be changed to your facility’s standards.
  • Plans include a detailed summary of code requirement deficiencies and are created based on 2012 NFPA Life Safety Code.

Life Safety Code Summary

A brief summary of Life Safety Code regulations concerning existing wall termination points as well as existing penetration and opening requirements for each of the walls and enclosures included on the Life Safety Plans. (This summary will appear on the drawings. This information will facilitate the inspection and maintenance of the existing Life Safety features identified in the drawings as required by accreditation standards.)