Fire & Smoke Damper Replacement


Fire and Smoke Damper Replacement

Fire and smoke replacements are sometimes required when a damper is no longer functioning. When a fire or smoke emergency strikes, dampers provide critical protection by constricting the flow of air a fire can use as fuel, and by mitigating the spread of smoke to areas away from the fire source, limiting damage to facilities, and danger to personnel and clientele.
Fire Damper Replacement


Level I

Scope of Service

  • Cutting access doors in ducts for damper access.
  • In some cases of an access blocking issue on the bottom of a duct, it may be possible for the compliance technician to cut an access door on the side of the duct instead. These will be noted as a possible solution to a blocked access deficiency, thus eliminating the need to move the obstructions.
  • Adjusting end points of electric actuators or smoke damper shutters so they close, and seal as required.
  • Removing screws in tracks of the damper frame preventing the damper from closing completely.

Level II

Scope of Service

  • Actuator Replacement
  • Electronic actuators will require the assistant of facility management to disconnect power to the deficient electric actuator prior to replacement.
  • Pneumatic actuators will not require any assistance from the facilities staff or an outside contractor Unless access is impossible due to construction projects burying the actuators in walls or out of reach.

Level III

Scope of Service

    • Moving any blockage to an access door such as:
    • Conduit containing electrical wiring or Cat 5 data cable.
    • Plumbing pipes Medical Gas lines.
    • Installing and wiring test switches for electric actuators.
    • Replacing damaged dampers or malfunctioning dampers. E.g. Broken spring-loaded dampers or improperly installed damper.