REMEDI8® Offers REMEDI8 Total Compliance® Proactive Sustainable Code Compliance Program for Healthcare Facilities


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LENEXA, KS – REMEDI8®, the national leader in passive fire protection and a true partner in compliance needs, announces the availability of the REMEDI8 Total Compliance® program, a comprehensive proactive sustainable code compliance solution that helps healthcare facilities stay on top of compliance while producing significant long term savings. The action-oriented approach offers the ultimate life safety assurance program for healthcare facility fire safety needs that ensures facilities meet and exceed regulatory standards. Offering a one-stop-shop from inspection, to repair, to replacement, Total Compliance allows facility staff to focus their attention on creating and maintaining a healing environment for patients and visitors.

Through ongoing compliance services and operational efficiencies, REMEDI8 ensures seamless compliance, long-term savings, and a solid investment in a business’s growth and success. The multi-year Total Compliance program strategically spreads expenses over time, reducing both yearly costs and the upfront financial burden. With a fixed price over multiple years, facilities do not face price inflation risks and predictable costs over multiple years makes budgeting easier.

The Total Compliance program covers more than 20 components, including a focused life safety assessment; comprehensive life safety assessment; and life safety drawing updates, as well as enhanced door, damper, and barrier survey, inspection, and sampling. Users can select from among the areas of compliance to let REMEDI8 Total Compliance put their facility on the path of proactive code compliance. The program can also be completely tailored to facility-specific needs.

Designed to be proactive, Total Compliance helps catch deficiencies and enables staff to correct them before they are identified by regulatory surveyors. Capturing data over multiple years helps better understand the cause of deficiencies so REMEDI8 can create a customized mitigation plan.

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About REMEDI8® REMEDI8® specializes in helping our customers navigate and maintain the complex world of safety and compliance. REMEDI8 has developed customized processes and procedures to successfully Inspect, Repair, Re-Label, and formally Report on key Life Safety issues around Fire Doors, Fire Dampers and Fire Barrier. Under the guidance of former CMS and Joint Commission Surveyors, REMEDI8 has developed specialized reporting that specifically addresses maintaining and reporting on Fire Door, Fire Damper, and Firestopping for Healthcare facilities. For more information, visit

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