REMEDI8® Provides Comprehensive Fire Door Services

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REMEDI8® Provides Comprehensive Fire Door Services for a Variety of Industry Verticals

LENEXA, KS – REMEDI8®, the national leader in passive fire protection and a true partner in compliance needs, provides comprehensive and streamlined fire door inspections to make compliance easy. In accordance with NFPA 80 standards, fire doors must be inspected annually. To make this process as painless as possible, companies across healthcare, education, correctional facilities, commercial and hospitality, entertainment, government, and industrial sectors can partner with REMEDI8 for a seamless 13 point inspection and repair process.

Organizations often face a range of deficiencies in their fire doors. These can include holes or openings in the fire-rated door assembly, latching hardware failure, missing gasketing or silencers, clearance issues and a variety of other defects. To quickly identify and remediate these defects, REMEDI8 provides a 13 point inspection with steps ranging from ensuring that no holes or breaks exist in surfaces to ensuring that the signage affixed to a door meets requirements. REMEDI8 also provides updated life safety drawings noting each door location for The Joint Commission surveys in healthcare and offers fire door and frame, and fire exit device labeling/relabeling services. On top of this, REMEDI8 also provides targeted repair services to ensure only the parts needed to meet compliance are replaced, cutting costs for companies.

By partnering with REMEDI8, companies can ensure that fire doors always operate as needed and can provide crucial protection inside a building during a fire emergency. Functioning fire doors keep escape routes, such as corridors, clear from fire, giving occupants of the building a longer period to escape in the event of an emergency and better access for fire emergency personnel. Fire doors also protect the remainder of the building from further damage during a fire.

Fire door inspections are more than a compliance measure, they are a way of building robust safety and communicating to clients, customers, and employees that a company puts people’s welfare first. Personnel from facility directors and managers to compliance officers and plant operations directors make the right choice for their organization and its people when they partner with REMEDI8 for fire door services.


About REMEDI8®

REMEDI8® specializes in helping our customers navigate and maintain the complex world of safety and compliance. REMEDI8 has developed customized processes and procedures to successfully Inspect, Repair, Re-Label, and formally Report on key Life Safety issues around Fire Doors, Fire Dampers and Fire Barrier. Under the guidance of former CMS and Joint Commission Surveyors, REMEDI8 has developed specialized reporting that specifically addresses maintaining and reporting on Fire Door, Fire Damper, and Firestopping for Healthcare facilities.