Fire Door Replacement


Fire Door Replacement

Fire door replacements are a last resort, due to the extensive success with our fire door repairs. In the event a fire door is beyond repair, or wall ratings are changed, it is necessary to have a fire door replacement partner who can avoid costly mistakes and delays. Each fire door is installed by a specialized door technician team in accordance with your compliance configuration.
fire door replacement



Door specification identification & management (ensuring the perfect fit)


Elevations and cutsheets provided per your request


Order and logistics management


Streamlined installation and configuration services


Provide AHJ Compliant reporting

View Your Guide to Door Specifications here.


REMEDI8® operates under the guidance of former TJC and CMS surveyors and provide you with a reporting format that sets you up for success. Fire door assets will be labeled with a unique identifier that makes searching for specific assets simple with our cloud-based reporting tool.
Fire Door Report

Our Trusted Manufacturers

  • VT Industries
  • Curries
  • CS (Construction Specialties)
  • Masonite Architectural
Fire Door Compliance Program