REMEDI8 Total Compliance™

Are you managing compliance
Is compliance managing you?

Prevent your facility from being trapped in the cycle of reactive code compliance known as the “doom loop”


REMEDI8™ developed a risk management system that keeps healthcare facilities ahead of the latest code compliances. Our REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ reporting platform is much more than just code compliance reports. REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ uses predictive analytics to proactively address the root cause of your facilities compliance issues.

When you combine REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ proactive technology with REMEDI8™’s seasoned healthcare fire and life safety experts - you get a reliable, proactive, sustainable system that increases facility savings year over year.

*Average program savings derived from 6 major healthcare systems

Predictive Analytics

REMEDI8 Total Compliance™’s process does not wait until things are broken just to fix them. The system uses real-time interactive information to make calculated information-based decisions.
Our innovative technology platform uses reliable data to mitigate risk proactively. REMEDI8 Total Compliance™’s technology drives solutions to bring our clients out of the doom loop and into a cost saving code compliance system.

REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ is the proactive approach to sustaining fire-rated life safety code compliance. Click here to learn how one private university health system is setting a new standard for preventive maintenance risk assessment.
REMEDI8 innovative technology

Fire & Life Safety Compliance Today

Today’s compliance programs are a constant, reactionary doom loop.


High repetitive costs year over year


Focus on Symptoms vs Root Cause. Most facilities tend to react to the symptoms instead of controlling the root cause of non-compliance which leads to consistently high failure rates


Safety, Compliance & Reputation

What Matters Most:

The REMEDI8 Total Compliance™’s fire and life safety system creates a sustainable risk management process that proactively manages a facility's code compliance

Cost Effective

REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ provides real-time project tracking of actual costs vs budgets by area to forecast saving opportunities for proper funding. Reducing costs year over year.

Safe & Compliant

REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ uses predictive analytics to make calculated decisions that reduces failure rates year over year.


REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ is here to steer you through the healthcare code compliance landscape with proactive solutions to fire and life safety services that keeps facilities & reputations safe with compliance.


Our proactive system provides peace of mind that keeps a facility compliant and removes the reactive approach to facility safety.


We combine REMEDI8 Total Compliance™ ’s technology with REMEDI8™ ’s seasoned fire and life safety experts to give you a reliable, proactive, sustainable system.

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