Nhut Bui


Nhut Bui

Nhut Bui is the PRESIDENT of REMEDI8®.

Nhut brings a unique blend of perspectives to the organization. He is a strategist, a big picture thinker, a tactical financial management partner and a task-oriented leader who seamlessly executes plans to develop the business and the people within it. Nhut has held many roles in his career ranging from management to high level strategy development. This has enabled him to gain a unique perspective and take on various types of projects within the business.

He has a keen eye for detail and accuracy in creating business plans. He understands how to combine the talent of team members, the use of technology, the interpretation of data and industry knowledge to drive success. He generates a focus on the push for deliverables and ways to increase revenue. He is a tactical leader who combines his experience, a variety of tools and resources and proven methods.

Nhut’s credentials boast a Bachelors in Health Services Management, a Masters in Health/Health Care Administration/Management and his CHFM. He has used his education and strong work ethic to develop a one-billion-dollar healthcare facilities management portfolio.