Tommie Downs

Chief Channel Officer & EVP of Sales

Tommie Downs

Tommie Downs is the Chief Channel Officer & EVP of Sales of REMEDI8®.

Tommie contributes a wealth of knowledge developed from holding a variety of positions within the healthcare industry. He understands different perspectives, tactfully combines ideas to develop new initiatives, and comprehends big-picture business operations.

He has worked in numerous markets at varying levels and can identify the best talent to elevate the organization, work within a budget, and manage the logistics, safety guidelines, and operational needs tied to business. He can scale operations to accommodate the needs of the organization and leverage growth. Tommie has an excellent ability to connect with any member of an organization and generate new ideas.

Tommie earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A), Business, Management, Marketing and Related Support Services from Shorter University. He has working knowledge and proficiency in many facets of the fire and life safety aspects within the healthcare industry including, LSPs, Mock Surveys, Door/Damper/Fire-stopping inspections/repairs, and the responsibilities of a Life Safety Director.

He is a coach and mentor by nature who takes time to not only lead his team but educate them. His focus is always on making the company stronger and finding ways to stand out in the market. The value added by Tommie is unparalleled and can only be attained through dedication to learning the industry, putting processes into practice, and consistently refining procedures to continually strengthen the business.