Door Pressure Gauge




Range is from 0-35 Pounds Door Pressure
Gauge instrument designed specifically to measure force.

OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Set the top (small) o-ring located on the plunger rod on zero, down against the instrument’s flange; or set the o-ring on the desired force. Holding the instrument firmly, press slowly against the door at a point approximately handle-high, and 30 inches away from the door’s hinges. Read the amount of force required to open the door on the plunger scale closest to the bottom of the small o-ring.

ADA REQUIREMENTS The Americans with Disabilities Act requires that both interior and exterior doors of a building be handicapped accessible. Door Opening Force (4.1311 ADAAG). Exterior hinged doors: (Reserved) Interior hinged doors: 5 lbs (22.2N) Sliding or folding doors: 5 lbs (22.2N) Automatic/Power Assisted Doors: (4.13.12) Such doors shall not open to back check faster than 3 seconds and shall require no more than 15 lbs (66.6N) to stop door movement. If a power assisted door is used, its door-opening force shall comply with 4.13.11 and its closing shall conform to the requirements in ANSI A156.19-1984.

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3 1/2 inches