Fire Door Compliance Program

Your all-in-one fire door compliance plan

Fire-rated doors are an integral part of a building’s overall fire protection system, and you need a compliance plan that will keep you protected through any emergency. Unfortunately, everyday wear and tear easily causes dents, holes, and deficiencies that lead to surprise repairs and compliance gaps. Our team of highly skilled employees provides comprehensive surveying, labeling, and repair for all your fire-rated doors.

  • Certified instructors qualified in all 50 states through the International Fire Door Inspector Association
  • One of the largest full-service providers in the U.S., with a decade of experience in solving custom compliance issues
  • Comprehensive identification and reporting of your doors for streamlined historical tracking of all upgrades
  • One-stop shop inspection, repair, and maintenance

Our inspections and inspection reports are second to none. Our hands-on visual experts inspect all sides of your doors to assess the overall condition and assembly of each opening. All our findings are carefully recorded for future repair assessments and easily tracked, so you have a snapshot of the status of your fire-rated doors. Our team is here to show your facility what to look for and how to spot the greatest risk factors or damage to your doors, so you’re always prepared for an inspection.


Fire Door Repairs

Inspections are just the first step toward fire door compliance. We provide efficient solutions for both inspections and repairs. We use insights gained during your inspection to quickly provide accurate, cost-effective repairs. Our technicians repair door deficiencies first. We never replace items unless it’s absolutely necessary for compliance to NFPA 80.

Fire Door Relabeling

Are your fire doors properly rated and labeled to meet NFPA 80 standards? If not, a routine AHJ inspection can quickly become a long, intrusive review of your life safety plans and protocols. We know how frustrating that is, and are pleased to offer field re-labeling services to complement your fire door, frame and hardware inspection. Don’t wait months for field labeling for your fire doors! We’re here to help.

Fire Door Replacement

Everyday bumps and contact means your fire doors need regular repairs and sometimes, replacement. Our technicians are experts at guiding you through door replacement projects. Whether you need a wood, steel, or laminate door, our custom-crafted swinging doors prevent costly mistakes or delays.

Combat everyday wear & tear and keep your fire doors compliant

Our team inspects to the guidelines set forth by NFPA 80 and standards set forth by authorities having jurisdiction.

Don’t leave your next survey to chance.