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REMEDI8® Highlights Fire Barrier Management Survey and Remediation Services

Correct Costly Mistakes and Address Risks Before They Happen

LENEXA, KS – REMEDI8®, the national leader of fire protection and compliance solutions, is proud to highlight its comprehensive fire barrier management survey and remediation services for healthcare facilities. With ongoing building maintenance and renovations, healthcare facilities risk dangerous non-compliant barrier penetrations. REMEDI8® corrects these costly mistakes and addresses risk before they happen with tailored end-to-end surveys, remediation, and maintenance programs for firestopping systems.

REMEDI8® provides a comprehensive solution:

  • A thorough sweep of fire barriers for non-compliant penetrations, scab patching, and head-of-wall issues
  • Identification of missing J-box covers and cables on sprinkler lines
  • Labeling of each penetration with UL system, material type, date, and technician’s name
  • Physical and/or digital reports including plans noting location of work, and before and after photographic documentation of each penetration
  • Certified, factory and field trained technicians knowledgeable with all firestopping products (STI, HILTI, 3M)

From surveying to innovative reporting, maintenance, and repair, REMEDI8® provides complete compliance coverage with over 300 certified and highly skilled technicians serving healthcare facilities in all 50 states.

“At REMEDI8®, we are committed to helping our clients maintain a safe and compliant environment,” said Mark Pavlacka, EVP of Operations at REMEDI8®. “Our barrier management survey and remediation services address the unique needs of each client, ensuring their facilities meet the highest standards of fire protection.”

You can learn about REMEDI8’s Barrier Management Survey and Remediation Services at


About REMEDI8®

REMEDI8® specializes in helping our customers navigate and maintain the complex world of safety and compliance. REMEDI8 has developed customized processes and procedures to successfully Inspect,  Repair,  Re-Label, and formally  Report on key Life Safety issues around Fire Doors, Fire Dampers and Fire Barrier. Under the guidance of former CMS and Joint Commission Surveyors, REMEDI8 has developed specialized reporting that specifically addresses maintaining and reporting on Fire Door, Fire Damper, and Firestopping for Healthcare facilities.

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