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REMEDI8 Highlights Mobile Containment Unit for Dust Control

DUST-10C mitigates dust in construction and other debris-heavy environments

LENEXA, KS – REMEDI8®, the national leader of fire protection and fire protection and compliance solutions, highlights its DUST-10Cfor dust containment in a variety of settings. The DUST-10C has been expertly designed for effective control and maximum efficiency. Its interior and exterior powder coating not only enables easy cleaning and maintenance but also maximizes the system’s durability, ensuring longevity. Plus, the unit comes pre-assembled and ready for immediate use, minimizing installation costs and other startup barriers.

The DUST-10C extends to 10 feet in height with a 6-foot fully extendable ladder capability, making it ideal for tall ceilings while still offering easy access. Additionally, its One-Step Lift and Lock mechanism makes it easy for one person to move the unit within a building and set it up again in less than 30 seconds. These features are designed to make the DUST-10C a seamless integration into contracting and building environments—offering users flexibility and adaptability without much downtime. Plus, the DUST-10C Mobile Containment Unit offers convertibility for HEPA filtrations, giving contractors and other professionals the option to incorporate a HEPA air filtration system to a dust mitigation unit. The unit also comes with a pass-through power cord opening.

Its easy-to-clean design and flexibility make the DUST-10C unit ideal for general contractors and other professionals working in dust and debris-producing environments. With over 300 expert technicians serving all 50 states, REMEDI8® provides complete compliance coverage to customers nationwide.

You can learn about REMEDI8’s Mobile Containment Units here: https://www.myremedi8.com/product-containment-solution/


About REMEDI8®

REMEDI8® specializes in helping our customers navigate and maintain the complex world of safety and compliance. REMEDI8 has developed customized processes and procedures to successfully Inspect,  Repair,  Re-Label, and formally  Report  on key Life Safety issues around Fire Doors, Fire Dampers and Fire Barrier. Under the guidance of former CMS and Joint Commission Surveyors, REMEDI8 has developed specialized reporting that specifically addresses maintaining and reporting on Fire Door, Fire Damper, and Firestopping for Healthcare facilities.

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